BBC Sussex lands at Gatwick

BBC Sussex ran its Breakfast Show from Gatwick Airport this morning. Presenter Neil Pringle aired his regular programme from the new concourse.

Steve Anderson, NATS General Manager at Gatwick, was interviewed and asked about his time at the tower and working in air traffic control.

Steve Anderson meets Neil Pringle

Steve Anderson meets Neil Pringle

Speaking about the airport’s recent declaration of 55 movements per hour, Steve said:

“We move anything from 48 to 58 aircraft an hour here there was one day back in 2009 when we did 60! However, you have to have an official declaration of movements in order to sell slots and we’ve recently made that 55 an hour, which easily makes us the busiest single runway in the world. Some airports with two or three runways don’t move as many aircraft as we do at Gatwick.”

You can listen to the radio show here. Fast forward to the 41st minute when the piece with Steve begins.


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