UPDATE 16 September 2013

The competition is now closed – see the winning pictures.

Earlier in the week Heathrow hosted a group of spotters for a day going behind the scenes at the airport, including a look around the fantastic new Terminal 2.

As part of the day, NATS and Heathrow asked the spotters to submit their best photos for a competition where you get to decide the winners. There have been some brilliant entries, so take a look and vote for your favourite!

The winner will get an exclusive afternoon airside at Heathrow to get some much sought after and hard to obtain photographs from in and around the tarmac.

The second place prize is an opportunity to visit the NATS team in the control tower and to get some photos from the airport’s highest vantage point.

You can vote once a day for the next week, so make sure you come back to make sure the best photo wins!


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