NATS and Heathrow Airport are delighted to announce the winner of the plane spotter photo competition, as voted for by you, is…

Ian Schofield!

Ian’s fantastic photo of a Cyprus Airways jet, taking-off from the northern runway with the control tower in the background, took the top prize, with Tim Easter claiming second place for his stunning British Airways A380 image.

Ian Schofield's winning shot

Ian Schofield’s winning shot

Tim Easter's photo was voted in second place

Tim Easter’s photo was voted in second place

Ian will now get the rare opportunity to go airside with Heathrow staff and take pictures from the tarmac, while Tim gets the chance to meet the NATS team in the control tower.

Almost 2,000 people voted during the competition via our blog and the yourHeathrow website.

Thanks to everyone who entered, all of whom were participants during Heathrow’s first plane-spotters day held on 3 September. The quality of all the photos was incredibly high.

If you’ve got a great aviation photo you want to share, we’d love to see them.


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It’s “Cyprus”. Dear me!

Good spot, Tim! More haste, less speed required I think!


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