There’s been a lot of news in the press recently about pilots falling asleep on the job. So what better time for our very own Head of Human Factors, Neil May, to talk about the work being done at NATS to combat fatigue and ensure that controllers at the top of their game when at work.

Neil May - Head of Human Factors

Neil May – Head of Human Factors

BBC Radio Solent were inspired to talk to Neil when they came across the previous blog post by Principal Human Factors Specialist, Martin Cox, entitled, ‘Are you alert at five in the morning?’.

Reporter, Dominic Blake visited Swanwick last week to speak to Group Supervisor and Radar Controller, Fran Slater and this morning, Neil spoke on the Breakfast Show to shed further light on how the Human Factors department works.

Listen here for his chat with presenter, Steve Harris and to hear what Fran Slater had to say about the role Human Factors plays in her day-to-day job.


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