As our consultation on airspace changes in the south east, in conjunction with Gatwick Airport, nears its final week, we’re keen to hear from as many people affected by the proposed changes to flight paths as possible.

Paul Haskins

Paul Haskins, NATS

With this is mind, our spokesmen, Paul Haskins, General Manager of London Terminal Control, NATS and Tom Denton, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Gatwick, took to the airwaves this week with a number of radio interviews to let people know the changes that may be coming in their area.

The consultation closes on 21 January so both Paul and Tom have been keen to engage with the radio audiences across the region. They emphasised the need for people living in Sussex, Suffolk, Surrey, Essex, Kent and Hampshire to feedback on local sensitivities, which may be adversely affected by any changes to flight paths, so these can be considered in the final design process.

Listen here for an audio feature with both Paul and Tom explaining how people can get involved:


More information can be found on the consultation website:


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