Organisational transformation is one of the key topics we are currently showcasing at the World ATM Congress in Madrid.

With air traffic levels continuing to rise, airports and airlines face the challenge of increasing operational efficiency without compromising safety. Liberalisation of Airports and the Air Traffic Control function can be an excellent place to start when looking for new ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Nick Webb is Head of Commercial at NATS and an expert on organisational transformation. In this video he shares his views on the risks and benefits of liberalisation, and how to ensure a successful transition.

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Since becoming a commercial ANSP in 2001, NATS has gained a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that commercialisation can bring about, and are keen to share our experience with others that are considering moving towards a similar model.

Come and speak with the experts on our stand at the World ATM Congress or visit to find out more.


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