For NATS optimisation is about helping airlines, airport operators and other air navigation service providers to reach their full capability and get the best from their existing resources, assets and infrastructure.

Sometimes it’s wrongly assumed that building a new runway is the solution to increasing business but quite often by investigating a problem and identifying the cause, a solution is found that doesn’t require such a huge spend on capital.

Our experience of working in the UK, with its complex airspace and very limited options for airport expansion, has given us a unique insight into how to solve the biggest problems faced by the aviation industry – such as increasing capacity and efficiency without compromising on safety. Operational change can not only increase business and improve performance but in turn has further environmental benefits as more efficient flight paths mean less fuel burn.

Peter Tomlinson started work in NATS as an Air Traffic Controller over 30 years ago, he’s now a Senior Consultant and in this video he talks about how we work with our customers across the globe to help them maximise their business.


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