Being a successful air traffic controller isn’t so much about your previous work experience or background. It’s to do with the way in which you approach problems, handle pressure and adapt to changing situations.

We have controllers from all walks of life, from former bankers and academics to a fruit and veg salesman!

It’s because of that, we developed a series of mini-games below to help prospective controllers decide whether it’s the kind of career that might be right for them. Some of you might have seen them before, but we’ve given them a lick of paint to make them touch screen compatible and incorporated some social media functionality.

They test a range of the basic cognitive skills that are required by controllers, so why not have a go to see if you’re made of the right stuff. Tell us how you do in the comments section and make sure you post your scores to Twitter and Facebook too.

Game over

Let’s see who can get the highest score!

Visit our careers page for more information on life as a controller.

This game tests your ability to follow an element on screen, with each level increasing in difficulty.

Correctly following a sequence of events suggests you are demonstrating a strong sequential memory.

This game recognises your spatial awareness ability and also highlights how you react in a pressured environment.

Guide aircraft on your radar safely to the runway to test your awareness and co-ordination.

Organise aircraft safely in sequence to test your awareness and co-ordination.


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Usama Tahir (@u_dot_t)

I scored 107375 (level 20) in shape tracking. 20920 in aircraft landing. only 5835 in the landing game. around 2900 in reaction avoidance. haven’t tried sequential memory.
Are these scores any good?




what kind of scores are good scores?



Simon Lindgren

What kind of scores is good scores?


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