Today we announced that NATS is now enabling annual savings of almost 1m tonnes of CO2 in UK airspace – that’s worth £115m a year in fuel savings to airlines.

It’s a massive achievement and wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our employees, a lot of hard work, innovative thinking and by working closely with our customers and partner ANSPs.

But how was it done? There have been six main projects that have got us to where we are today, which cumulatively have left no part of our business or operation untouched.

Six steps to one million tonnes of CO2 savings (click to enlarge)



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Sad to see this blog has been taken over by the politically correct anti-CO2 brigade.



stuart spencer

Will flosys mean that atc will be vectoring planes more directly to destinations rather than in some cases flying extra track miles to avoid noise impact to people on the ground. I read NATS get a £21m bonus for meeting CAA arbitary targets of effeciency – yet no account of the extra noise impact?


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