NATS has been working in close collaboration with Spanish infrastructure company Ferrovial Servicios since 2011 to take operational control of nine air traffic control towers in Spain through our joint venture, FerroNATS.

The project encompassed not only a series of safe and seamless transitions from one ATC provider to another, but also the recruitment and training of new air traffic controllers, creation of new safety cases for each airfield and the implementation of NATS’ renowned Just Culture for safety reporting.

The transition process was executed by a dedicated team of ATC and service delivery experts from NATS and Ferrovial Servicios, who ensured that the complex and multifaceted programme was implemented on schedule.

Now that FerroNATS is firmly established as a trusted air traffic services provider in Spain we take a look at the project, its challenges and its benefits in a new interactive feature.

Please visit the FerroNATS feature to explore our journey.


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