This is the third annual World ATM Congress trade show and we’re looking forward to welcoming delegates onto our stand to talk with our team and watch a range of technical demonstrations, as well as participate in more light hearted activities in the form of refreshments and games.

We have three experts hosting demonstrations for Cross Border Arrival Management (XMAN), Time Based Separation (TBS) and Airport Capacity Management (ACM).

XMAN is a concept created through a collaboration of FABs and numerous industry partners. By transferring delays from low level stacks into high level airspace a reduction in fuel burn, stack holding and carbon emissions can be achieved, making operations better for the environment and helping airlines to reduce fuel costs.


Time Based Separation dynamically calculates aircraft separation enabling the impact of strong headwinds to be minimised, thereby reducing delays and cancellations.


Airport Capacity Management combines the power of data analytics and advanced simulations to enable capacity and performance optimisation, improving the passenger experience and eliminating inefficient investment.


Visit our stand and see for yourself how these solutions work using real world scenarios but if you can’t make the trip to Madrid don’t worry that you’ll miss out as further information about our participation at the show is available on our events page, including videos to watch and PDFs to download.


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