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This year’s ATC Global Exhibition & Conference is held in Dubai, UAE reflecting on the growing importance of the region as the global hub of air transport.

It will provide a series of unique networking and educational opportunities that will encompass a comprehensive exhibition featuring organisations leading the transformation of ATM.

For NATS, it is the perfect opportunity to showcase some of the concepts, technologies and regional projects we have been collaborating on with international stakeholders and illustrate how we’ve helped customers to improve efficiencies and performance in the airport and airspace environments.

The show takes place from 5th to 7th of October 2015, at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Our NATS’ team, when not speaking at the conference may be found on stand 6032, in Hall 6. Visitors are invited to a number of technical demonstrations hosted by our experts on the following topics:

Cross Border Arrival Management (XMAN), a concept created through a collaboration of FABs and numerous industry partners. By transferring delays from low level stacks into high level airspace a reduction in fuel burn, stack holding and carbon emissions can be achieved, making operations better for the environment and helping airlines to reduce fuel costs.

Cross border arrival management (XMAN)

Cross Border Arrival Management (XMAN)

Time Based Separation (TBS) which is currently in operation at Heathrow Airport and dynamically calculates aircraft separation, enabling the impact of winds to be minimised, thereby improving operational resilience and increasing runway throughput.


Time Based Separation (TBS)

Airport Capacity Management (ACM) combining the power of data analytics and advanced simulations to enable capacity and performance optimisation, improving the passenger experience and eliminating inefficient investment.


Airport Capacity Management (ACM)

Flight Optimisation System (FloSys) which enables users to store and compare historical flight data. The system displays a visual comparison of a flight and compares the actual profile flown with the optimal trajectory to highlight areas for improved efficiency.


Flight Optimisation System (FloSys)

We will also be discussing the NATS commissioned report from Oxford Economics, which assesses the economic benefits that improvements could offer to air traffic control in the Gulf Co-Operation Council countries. For more information visit our events page and for a chance to see for yourself how these solutions work using real life scenarios be sure to visit stand 6032.


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