This week London becomes the beating heart of Europe’s aviation community as politicians, senior executives and leading thinkers from across the industry gather for the European Commission-sponsored Aerodays conference.

It’s a major event that only takes place once every few years but it’s a great chance to celebrate the work that’s done across the industry to develop innovative new concepts and technologies that will help ensure the aviation can grow, safely and sustainably, and to discuss emerging issues.

As we highlighted in our blog last week, NATS is heavily involved in the event.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to discuss with our peers the work we are doing at NATS, often with partners from across the industry, to drive changes that will deliver benefits to our customers and, ultimately, the flying public.

Today we’re launching an interactive infographic on a new Research and Development area of our website where you can find out more about the different projects we’re currently working on, both through SESAR and independently.

We know that R&D projects can sometimes seem a bit disconnected from everyday operations but we want to give people an insight, in a simple and accessible way, in to what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and the benefits we hope all our work will deliver.

From projects like the world-first implementation of Time Based Separation at Heathrow, through to the introduction of iFACTS – an innovative set of tools to help controllers safely manage growing volumes of traffic, we are committed to developing and implementing innovative solutions and tangible benefits.

To find out more, please take a look at our interactive infographic. I hope you find it interesting!


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