A behind the scenes look into the world of aviation was made possible on 19th March when easyJet invited friends and family into their HQ at London Luton Airport.

It’s an important occasion that takes place every two years where guests get an insight into their working world and what goes on behind closed hangar and cockpit doors.

We were able to provide a helping hand with some of the fun activities by taking our inflatable event stand. Visitors could attempt games to test their skills at air traffic control, watch our airspace visualisations and play our-ever popular buzz wire game. Visitors could also attempt the Continuous Descent Approach challenge, with the aim of making  a paper plane and throw it through four hoops, set up to represent a perfect three degree approach.

Around 1,200 easyJet employees and family members had the chance to check out an Airbus A320, airport de-icing equipment, airport fire engines and police vehicles, as well as visiting the NATS stand. It’s a great way for all those attending to learn about the world of aviation by talking directly with easyJet flight crew and air traffic controllers from the Luton Tower.

NATS involvement won praise from easyJet’s Head of Network Operations Will Facey who thanked the team and said our involvement was an example of our close working relationship with the airline.


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