You may have recently watched one of the shows on TV such as City in the Sky or Britain’s Busiest Airport and thought that a career as an air traffic controller is for you, but how do you apply and what are your chances of being successful?

There are lots of myths about applying to become an air traffic controller, and while it is true only a small percentage of applicants make it to our training college, the good news is those that do enjoy a rewarding career. Right now we have opportunities available for those who wish to try and be selected for training.

So what can you do to improve your chances of getting through, once you have met our eligibility requirements and passed the initial online assessments?

Successful candidates will be invited to attend a Stage 2 assessment at our headquarters in Hampshire. We are often asked by those who have reached this stage what they can do to prepare for this part of the process. There is no guaranteed way to “revise”, but we suggest looking at our online games, listed below. These are free to play and will help you see if you have the eye hand coordination you will need.

You could also look at:

  • Mensa-type tests
  • Other spatial awareness exercises and tests
  • General mental arithmetic games and puzzles
  • Improving your ability to scan read
  • Identifying different types of aircraft and their distinguishing features
  • Different weather conditions especially how wind direction and speed may effect weather or aircraft
  • More of our blog posts, like this one.
  • Aviation websites

You do not need A levels, but you must meet the other criteria, which includes 5 GCSEs (grades A* to C or equivalent, including maths and English) as well as being 18 or over, eligible to work in the UK and able to meet the necessary medical conditions.

If you haven’t yet applied why not take a look at our website? Check if you are eligible and see what is involved by visiting our How to Apply page.

Good luck!


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Steve Balfour

You might even want to spend some time learning how to spell ‘spatial’ correctly. 🙂




Oh dear Steve




Hi what is a good score on each on-line game?




Yes, what is a good score to get on each online game…?


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