Most of the NATS-related action in Skies Above Britain takes place in London Terminal Control at Swanwick Centre.

It’s the operation that manages the very busy skies over London and the traffic in and out of the five major London airports. And for much of the time our guides will be the Operations Supervisors Brian Wheeler and Steven Moore as they and their teams wrestle with bad weather, airspace infringers, drones and aircraft emergencies.

But what’s it really like shouldering so much responsibility? One of the first things most people ask is whether air traffic control is a stressful job, so it’s a question we put to Brian and Steve.

You can catch up with the first episode of Skies Above Britain on iPlayer, with the series continuing on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC Two.


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As an ATCO married to a Primary School teacher, I’d say teaching is much more stressful!



Azad Zahirul Islam

Its depend upon psychology and perception of an individual. If he/she thinks that being an Air Traffic Controller doing most stressful job than any other else, then indeed Air Traffic Control is most stressful job for he/she. But in that case he/she is not an outstanding ATCO. Rather I should say Air Traffic Control job is most thrilling,challenging and instantaneous 100% correct decision making job with great job satisfactions like wining a game.




If its not #1 , it must be within the top 3 stressful jobs ..
best wishes for us ?


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