Now in its 16th year, The London Design Festival is a truly international affair. A creative celebration that brings together designers, architects and exhibitors from across the globe to showcase their latest designs, it is world-renown and the highlight of the year for many in the industry.

Last year’s nine-day design extravaganza saw London host 450,000 people from over 75 countries! And with 2018’s festival, which kicked off on Saturday, expected to be even bigger, the team here at NATS is busy working with airlines and airports across the UK to welcome thousands of overseas visitors and exhibitors.

So, whether its homeware from Hong Kong or Houston, or sculptures from Sweden and South Korea, air travel plays a crucial role in making the festival happen each year.

That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to take a moment this September to step back and think about the complex role NATS’ air traffic controllers play in ensuring everyone, and everything, is able to travel safely from A to B.

And it’s for this reason why we’ve dedicated this week’s Sky By Numbers question to celebrating great design and UK airspace:

Which airport was designed by British architect, Norman Foster? Is it, A) Hong Kong International Airport or B) Doha Hamad International Airport?

So, if you’re sure you have the answer, have an inkling you might be right or just want to take a punt for your chance to win £250, head to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels to enter. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #SkyByNumbers in your answer.

To raise awareness of the important role our air traffic controllers play in our day-to-day lives, we’ve launched the #SkyByNumbers campaign. So, whether you’re planning to visit one of the many landmark projects or exhibitions during London Design Festival, why not take a moment to think about the role airspace plays in your lives?


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