Video calls on Skype, Teams and Zoom have become a part of life over the past few months, so while we wait for the day we can all fly again, here are a few air traffic control related backgrounds for your next call – perfect for any avgeek!

And if you’re not sure how to change your background, here’s a handy guide.


Lowther Hill radar

London Area Control at Swanwick Control Centre

Southampton in the fog

Prestwick Centre operations room

Luton landing

Inside Heathrow tower

The Digital Tower Lab

The view from Heathrow tower

The first control tower at Croydon Airport

European air traffic

Controllers at Croydon Airport

Bristol long exposure photograph

Croydon Airport, 1925

Inside Aberdeen Tower

Farnborough tower


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Alex Brooker

thank you for these, fantastic!



Gez T

In Skype it mirrors the image it seems (flips it left right), So NATS watermark becomes “STAN”! Don’t know if you ought to change the watermark accordingly? But far far worse the runways at EGLL end up looking all wrong… OK, I’m a sad geek, I’ll just flip the photo in Photoshop and get my coat 🙁

I thought the same thing, Gez but apparently it only appears mirrored to you. Anyone on the call will see the EGLL runways in all their correct glory.



Bob Alexander

Only one ( marginally ) engineering photo. Some things never change.


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