As the weather improves during the summer months and more general aviation pilots take to the skies, we unfortunately see an increased number of infringements (or unauthorised entries) into controlled airspace.

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, infringements are a major safety risk for air traffic control and as well as that, they can increase the likelihood of commercial aircraft being delayed or rerouted, disrupt airport operations and increase the workload of air traffic controllers.

In this data visualisation, we share an example of a recent infringement at Southampton Airport to explain how such an incident can have an impact on other airspace activity and users, and to help raise awareness in the hope of minimising these occurrences in the coming months.

Watch the video below:


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It has been mentioned several times already, that the most infringed places do not provide a good enough radar services in the area just outside its airspace boundary.

Until that is sorted, this problem will never go away.


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