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Alastair Muir

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As with many other critical safety-based services, ATC provides a service that must be delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so will technology ever replace the more advanced aspects of the human?


From the pioneering actions of Alcock and Brown to today’s high capability avionics and air traffic management systems, we see massive change as well as the roots of the next generation emerging. A change that will see the strengthening of the position of the Prestwick Air Traffic Control Centre as the transatlantic gateway, delivering the 2025 vision today, and in partnership with our global industry colleagues.


Take a trip down memory lane and read all about the colourful history of Prestwick Control Centre with this amazing timeline, which details the most significant milestones from 1939 to the present day, featuring some mesmerising photographs.


Regeneration should not be a one off process, after all The Doctor has done it more than eleven times and Salamanders are capable of regenerating multiple limbs. We recognise this within NATS and our strategies look as far into the future as possible so that we implement a capability for this future today.


Alastair Muir Festival of Flight

Last Thursday, our Prestwick Control Centre hosted a conference as part of a series of events taking place during the Prestwick World Festival of Flight 2013, a 10-day celebration of a century of aviation at Prestwick.



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