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Emma Parry

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    When an unidentified aircraft, or ‘infringer’, with no clear or declared intentions enters controlled airspace without permission, a chain reaction is set in motion. We spoke with Amanda Rhodes, who you may have seen in action on the recent BBC2 documentary, Skies Above Britain, about what happens next….

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    A video has been produced showing an imaginary infringement with the aim of demonstrating best practice for pilots if they find themselves wandering where they shouldn’t.

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    NATS air traffic control towers liaise with centres at Swanwick and Prestwick – but the NATS team at Gibraltar have a very different “partner” centre.

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    In its simplest terms, an infringement occurs when an aircraft makes an unauthorised entry into controlled airspace. This has the potential to affect other members of the flying public through the likelihood of commercial aircraft being re-routed or delayed.

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