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Jevon Snell

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    We’ve talked before about the opportunities and challenges that the growth in drone use presents. A new report released this week by SESAR and endorsed by the European Commission attempts to quantify the benefits and suggests the drone market place could generate in excess of EUR 10 billion value annually, in nominal terms, by 2035 and over EUR 15 billion annually by 2050.

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    A week of drones

    The Royal Aeronautical Society’s conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems will discuss what is undoubtedly one of the biggest but most exciting opportunities and challenges facing the aviation and air traffic management industry today, drones and their safe integration.

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    Next week a major European aviation conference comes to London. Aerodays is the European Commission’s flagship event in aviation research and development.

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    NATS is hosting the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference this week. We caught up with Jeff Poole, Director General of CANSO to hear his thoughts on why this event is so important and what he hopes it will help deliver.

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    Talking safety

    Next week NATS is hosting the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference, bringing together the world’s top experts in ATM safety to share, develop and challenge our safety initiatives and strategies.

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