Happy International Day of the air traffic controller, our favourite day of the year!

At NATS, every day is a day to celebrate the amazing work that our controllers do, but we always like doing something extra special on October 20th.

It’s safe to say that 2020 has not been the 100th anniversary year for air traffic control that anyone expected, but days like this give us the opportunity to shine a light on the invisible infrastructure that keeps the travel industry moving – air traffic control.

At NATS one of our main priorities is to inspire the next generation of aviation enthusiasts, so we always do our best to educate young people about how exciting science, technology, engineering and maths subjects can be.

So, to help keep your little ones occupied this upcoming half term we’ve put together a fun activity pack for the whole family to enjoy at home. Full of colouring in pages, fun activities, interesting facts about air traffic control and more… we hope you enjoy it and learn something along the way!


It can be printed and coloured in by hand, or open it in paint and complete it digitally – whichever works best for you.

We’d love to see your colourful pages and paper planes, so be sure to send us some pictures on social media so we can share our favourites.


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Sue Spink

I salute every member of NATS on this special anniversary and wish you all a safe, secure and successful future.




Happy controller’s day from Argentina!



Graham Crabb

From an early age (6-7yr old) my interest in aviation has never disappointed, especially how our ATC’s keep our skies safe and adhere to their strict undertakings. I’m now nearly 50 and my interest in both ATC and aviation is as strong as what it was all those years ago. I nearly applied for an atc course at school leaving age but my career path went a different routing!

I’m always looking in the sky thinking about the routing of a plane I see and all the organisation behind it. Keep up the great work you people do and thank you for keeping us safe.

I would love to know where I could read up on more current aspects of atc, so if anyone is able to respond be great. I live near the LAM VOR so Heathrow is my local viewing site.

Again thank you for the great unseen work you do and (belated) Happy ATC day 2020.

Hi Graham, thank you for your kind comment. If you’re looking for more information on how ATC works, I’d definitely first suggest having a good rummage around the NATS website. This page in particular how some great explainer videos at the bottom: https://www.nats.aero/airspace/airspace-tv/. If you’re looking for more in depth resources Skybrary has masses of content, especially about ATC safety https://www.skybrary.aero/. Best wishes, Paul




Greetings from SMATSA!



Graham Crabb

Thank you for replying and your advice, Paul Beauchamp, much appreciated. I will certainly give it a look 👍🏼👍🏼
(Wasn’t sure how to reply to your post, so thought to repost here.)



Arif Al-kasiri

Air traffic controllers are doing a great job.They makes our sky safe for us all.
Thank you Farnborough radar and London.
I am a sexagenarian “student pilot”.
Thank you being patient with student pilots.



Ross Grimshaw

I am 15 at high school In Scotland. Ever since I was around 6-7 I looked up at the sky and dreamed to have my career with some sort of aviation aspect in the role. Now my first ever set of exams are soon I am hoping to have a career in NATS but I need Nat 5 A-C I think to at least be able to apply when I leave school. Long time till then so studding hard to get the career I want! It would be great if you could post more content like this but for a older audience. Thanks!



Ross Grimshaw

Happy Controllers day! Always been Interested in Aviation, and when I leave school I hope one day I can apply at NATS, I take my Nat 5’s soon!




Great guys at EGPD!


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