Here our people share their insights, views and expertise on the world of Air Traffic Management. We cover a broad range of topics from discussing technology and practices today to sharing visions of a potential tomorrow.

The idea that a digital tower can mean only that you look to replicate exactly what a controller can already see – the application we see most of around the world – is forcing constraints on the technology that don’t need to exist. This technology is revolutionary, so why strive to only recreate what we already have?


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is expecting 7.8 billion passengers to travel in 2036, nearly double the number in 2017. The biggest spike comes from the Asia Pacific region, which saw the highest air traffic growth of 9.6% last year, underscoring the tremendous growth of economies there.


In the run up to Christmas Eve, Santa will be conducting a number of test flights in order to put a brand new sleigh through its paces at a number of locations all around the world and we need your help.


Advancing aviation, keeping the skies safe is what we strive to do every day. Not just in our own airspace, but across the world. This week, a team from NATS will be presenting at the Global ATM Safety Conference to share some of the work that we have been doing on a Standard of Excellence in Safety Management Systems (SoE in SMS) measurement tool.


Creating a positive experience for customers is important in all industries, and this year’s annual AOA conference highlighted it’s no different in the aviation sector.


I’m an Air Traffic Controller and have been working at NATS for 25 years. Currently I split my time between the Operations Room, where I control aircraft, and the Development Department where I work on projects delivering new En-Route systems.

I kind of fell into the job and in fact before applying to NATS, I had no aviation background at all. I’d heard that NATS was a good Company to work for, so I looked into the opportunities there. I applied to train as an Air Traffic Controller and quickly caught the aviation bug!


NATS – how we got here

For decades, air traffic control for commercial flights in the UK has been keeping the skies safe and creating a more efficient environment for aviation – essentially making the UK’s sky a better place to fly.


Football is coming back to London… American Football, that is.

Every year America’s National Football League (NFL) hosts several games in the UK as part of its International Series. Of the 32 teams in the league, six will play a match in Britain’s capital.


It’s that time of the year again: warm summer evenings are becoming a distant memory and as the nights draw in, it’s time to pull the curtains and settle down for another series of our favourite TV singing contest, The X Factor.


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