We created a data visualisation to play at US events – USA 24. This is similar to our award-winning Europe 24 and UK 24 – this time showing air traffic patterns over the USA and highlighting the busiest airports.


Safety is always a key consideration and Aberdeen has supported the adoption of Wide Area Multilateration technology, which uses signals from transmitters and receivers fitted to oil and gas platforms to track offshore flights.

Hear what John Millar, NATS’ General Manager at Aberdeen Airport, has to say about the service his team provides to both fixed wing aircraft and the numerous helicopters in the latest Tower Tour video.


Asia Pacific 24

NATS was recently awarded a contract to work with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) on air traffic management, specifically looking at airport expansion plans, high intensity operations and third runway activity.

So we thought it a good and timely opportunity to share a data visualisation we had made for the Asia Pacific region, offering some insight into just how busy the skies of the region are on any given day.


Engineering the future

Engineers can imagine too! As we begin to deploy more SESAR air traffic management technologies and concepts, we are also imagining how we could further improve our services – now and in the future.


Guardians of the sky

At NATS we believe we’re a little different. We’re best known for providing air traffic control in the UK, particularly at London’s Gatwick and Heathrow airports, the busiest single and dual runway airports in the world. But that’s not all we do. We’ve created a short film that asks the watcher to consider us differently and to wonder with us what the future might hold for us…


At the World ATM Congress, currently taking place in Madrid, NATS will be showcasing our expertise in defence. In this video, David Barker, the Defence Business Development Manager for NATS, discusses the importance, and benefits, of a collaborative approach between civil and military airspace users.


Unlocking capacity

We’re showcasing some of the work we have been doing on airport and airspace capacity at the World ATM Congress in Madrid. Val Wilson is an expert in capacity management. In this video she describes some of the work NATS is doing to release capacity around the world.


Missing Airport Live?

Are you longing to sit and watch Airport Live when you settle in front of your TV, especially during these winter months? If so, we thought you would enjoy re-visiting our favourite clips from the show, which BBC2 has just put live.


Manchester Airport’s new £20m control tower is due to take over live operations at the UK’s third biggest airport during the night tonight.


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