Top 5 blog post of 2013

With 2013 drawing to a close, it’s time for the obligatory review of the year. We launched the blog back in the summer to coincide with the BBC’s Airport Live and we’ve been delighted with the interest people have shown.

Having a blog has given us a place to discuss topics with like minded people in a way that would otherwise have been impossible before. From Single European Sky and unmanned flight through to explaining why aircraft hold a Heathrow Airport, we’ve loved having the chance to engage and hopefully entertain you, while shedding some light on the sometimes mysterious world of air traffic control.

So, without further ado, here are the blog team’s favourite posts from over the past six months.

Infographic: The anatomy of a control tower

The air traffic control tower is an iconic structure at most airports, but the inner workings are a mystery to most. Our infographic attempted to explain the various roles that help an airport run smoothly. This was a popular post and features one of our favourite infographics.


How Gatwick broke its own world record

Gatwick was already the world’s busiest single runway airport, but this post explained how NATS analysed every aspect of the airport operation in order to cater in even more flights. I think this post really highlights the valuable role ATC plays at the heart of an airport.

When air traffic control goes to Hollywood

A fun and very popular post where we asked Colin Wyatt, an airspace change specialist here at NATS, to get out the popcorn and review the operational accuracy of Pushing Tin – the film about love, life and rivalry in air traffic control.


Memories of 9/11

On the anniversary of the attacks on New York on 11 September, two controllers, one from Prestwick the other from Swanwick, recalled their memories of working in air traffic control on that fateful day. I hopefully thought provoking piece about infamous events told from an different perspective.

Challenging misconception about the Single European Sky  

One of the key reasons for us starting a blog was to create a place to discuss the key issues affecting out industry and none more so that the Single European Sky. In this post our CEO, Richard, argued the case for greater competition as opposed to further regulation.


What do you think of our list? Do you agree, or have we missed one of your favourites? Or is there something you’d love to see us cover in 2014?

Leave a comment and let us know.


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