See you at The Drone Show

The UK Drone Show will take place at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham on the 5th and the 6th of December 2015.

It will cover all aspects of the drone industry and is the largest drone event in the UK.

As the first consumer event of its kind in the UK, dedicated to the UAV industry it is a highly anticipated date on the calendar of anyone who has an interest in drones as well as operators looking to stay safe when flying their drones.

After a drone incident at Heathrow last year, I published some guidance on flying your drone safely and since then we have made considerable progress towards promoting safe integration of small drones in UK airspace. However, industry predictions have proved correct and the popularity of small drones within the consumer market continues to grow.

This interest has led to the creation of the UK’s first consumer Drone Show, which takes place on the 5th and 6th of December at the Birmingham NEC.

We can expect a strong focus on the safety aspect and CAA regulations at the event, but exhibitors will offer something for everyone. Drone industry careers, drone manufacturers, aerial photographers, UAV services and software suppliers as well as product demonstrations of the latest aerial and terrestrial drone technology will all be on display so, the show promises to be an exciting one.

I am pleased to announce that my colleague Philip Binks and I will be presenting and hosting a stand at the event. We hope to use this opportunity to improve awareness among consumers about the safe use of drones in our airspace and the ways in which NATS is contributing to the new developments in this area. Our presentation will give attendees a greater insight into how UK airspace works with some perhaps shocking stats on the impact of unsafe drone flying on ATC operations. We will also provide what we believe are some of the fundamental requirements for operators, manufacturers and retailers to ensure safe integration of small drones in UK airspace.

If you are attending the show please do come along to our stand to find out more.

You can find us in the Panasonic Pro-Zone at stand C62 so please come and say hello!


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Aimee Turner

Great, see you there!




One question I never seem to find an official answer to is, do you need a license for these? If not how high and far can you fly one? Talking in terms of over residential areas and in terms of air space.

Hi Joseph, thanks for your questions. You don’t need a licence per se, but if you want to fly commercially (i.e. charge people for your drone services such as aerial photos) then you need to get a Permission for Aerial Work (PfAW) from the CAA ( When flying your drone you should keep your drone within eyesight at all times and not fly higher than 400ft or over congested areas. Check out this Drone Guide ( for a complete set of rules.


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