From today, we are very pleased to say you can listen to our Altitude livestream series as an audio podcast.

As you read this, all our existing shows should be available to listen at your leisure from all the usual podcast libraries, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music.

For those that are new to the series, since November we’ve been running monthly live streams where we get interesting people together to talk about an interesting Air Traffic Control related topic. You can watch all the episodes here or on our YouTube channel.

We’ve very deliberately not used lots of slides or videos in Altitude, so we thought we’d try creating audio versions and they work a treat. So now you have the flexibility to watch or listen in the way and at a time that suits you.

Honestly, who hasn’t wanted to go for a run or walk the dog while learning about the origins of Air Traffic Control, the future of digital control towers, or the deployment of Space Based ADS-B over the Atlantic?

We are still going to carry on doing the live shows once a month (or thereabouts) where we’ll also be able to answer your questions, so keep tuning in whenever you can.

We have a couple of new episodes in the works, after which we might take a little break and come back with some tweaks to the formula. We’ve had some great feedback since we started in last year, but if there are changes you’d like to see or topics you’d love us to cover, please do feel free to leave us a comment. I’m especially keen to try and improve the diversity of our panels.

And if you like what we do, please do consider leaving a review on your podcast service of choice!

In the meantime, happy listening (or watching!)


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Very cool! What platform are you using to meet and record these episodes?

Hi Beth, glad you like it! We use a platform called On24 which allows our guests to join via normal Teams meeting.


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