Love them or hate them, video calls have become very much a fact of life over the past couple of years, but the great news is that you can now inject yours with a little ‘avgeek’ festive cheer.

We’ve created a few themed Christmas backgrounds that are sure to wow your colleagues in your team meetings and dazzle your friends and family during your next Zoom quiz (a perfect distraction while you Google the answers).

And while we can’t guarantee using these will get you on the Big Man’s Nice List, we will try and make sure you’re at least on his Christmas Eve flight plan.

Talking of which, don’t forget you can generate a personalised festive flight plan for you or any little elves in your life at:

We may all be being asked to work from home if we can, but who’s that out the window?!

It’s a radome winter wonderland.

Not really aviation themed, but we liked the idea.

Snow falls at Swanwick Centre.

A guiding star for everyone at Prestwick Centre.


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