Learning at Work Week is a national event owned by Campaign for Learning. It aims to celebrate learning, empowering employees up and down the country to enhance and take control of their learning journey.

This year’s Learning at Work Week theme is Learning Power, Campaign for Learning described this as:

“Exploring how lifelong and continual learning gives us power to change, grow and achieve our individual, team and organisational goals through building our knowledge and skills; connecting with others, ideas and new perspectives; and engaging with our changing world.”

Alongside Learning Power, Campaign for Learning has also identified three sub-themes:

Power to Grow

“Explores how we can all be enabled to access and benefit from learning, the ultimate tool for changing and enriching our lives.”

Power to Connect

“Explores how we can bring people together to share and learn from each other to build connections and foster relationships, innovation, and new perspectives.”

Power to Engage

“Explores how we can all understand and respond to the significant forces shaping our work to build confidence, and support engagement and action.”

For us, fostering a culture of continuous learning is essential for staying at the forefront of our industry. As the landscape of aviation evolves rapidly, equipping ourselves with the latest knowledge and skills is crucial for adapting to changing circumstances and driving innovation. By investing in learning outputs, we are ensuring that our workforce remains agile, competent, and prepared to tackle emerging challenges effectively.

We are tailoring this week to focus on investing in personal growth, an area identified by employees during our recent employee engagement survey. We will be delivering a week full of online sessions to engage all employees across the business so that learning can be accessed in all centres. This will include a mix of sessions with internal and external facilitators to cover various areas of personal development. From language learning and professional skills to an escape room and panel sessions, there is something for everyone to be involved in during Learning at Work Week.

During my first graduate rotation in the Learning team, I have come to understand the importance of every individual learning journey. Therefore, having an opportunity to highlight this importance and help others on their learning pathway by heading up Learning at work week has been an amazing experience for me.

Hannah, another coordinator for this year’s Learning at Work Week shared: “In my current rotation, I am part of the wider Organisational Development and Design team, a team that champions learning in everything they do. My passion for continuous learning and personal growth aligns well with the objectives of Learning at Work Week, where I hope to collaboratively deliver an event which creates a dynamic and engaging learning environment for our colleagues to thrive and invest in their personal growth.”

Learning at Work Week will run from the 13th – 19th of May 2024.


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