Top 5 blog post of 2015

While we wait for the inevitable onslaught of ‘year in review’ programmes on TV we thought we’d share our favourite blogs from 2015:

Game of drones – Project CLAIRE

Drones were big news in 2015. We published a number of posts on the topic as interest from the public and the aviation industry continued to grow. The most popular drone post featured Project CLAIRE and the news that NATS had controlled the first ever flight by an unmanned aircraft in non-segregated UK airspace. The video of the flight also proved popular with nearly 9,000 views. If you missed it here is your opportunity to see the video now:

Tower Tours: Aberdeen Airport

Our series of “Tower Tours” showed readers that every airport has its own story.  In June we shone the spotlight on Aberdeen; so much more than the world’s busiest heliport. The insights from John Millar, NATS’ General Manager at Aberdeen, the photographs and the video, all helped show the tremendous service provided to both fixed wing aircraft and the numerous helicopters which rely on the team at Aberdeen.

We can’t wait for another runway before acting on capacity

While the debate about an extra runway has also been topical during 2015, especially following the Airports Commission’s report, our blog looked at the importance of improving the resilience and capacity of our airspace and airports now. The video London 24 illustrated how busy and complex the airspace is in the South East of England. The video was hugely popular receiving over 110,000 views:

Eight air traffic control myths busted

On a somewhat different note, and with no video to attract the crowds, the post which attempted to tackle the eight most common misconceptions about air traffic control (ATC), airspace and controllers proved very popular, especially on our Facebook page (NATSAero). The blog attempted to correct misconceptions Hollywood  blockbusters such as Pushing Tin and Die Hard 2 create.  We do love the movies though!

Tower Controllers

Researching and developing tomorrow’s ATM

We like infographics. They help make complex issues accessible, and how SESAR will create a better  future for ATC was the subject for this blog. If you haven’t yet seen the infographic or visited this part of our website you may like to take a look before 2016 and all its busy demands on your time.

R&D Infographic

R&D Infographic

Is there something you would like us to cover in 2016?
Which was your personal favourite? Was it one of the above or one we have not included? Please leave a comment below and let us know. Thank you for your continued interest in our blogs. We look forward to bringing you even more posts in 2016.


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Iñaki González

London 24 is obviously the best.




How about ILS Cat III equivalent approaches using GBAS?



David Harverson

I Worked for Standard Telephones and cables and worked on a system supplied to Heathrow and other UK airports that direct aircraft that had just landed to the stand from which the passengers would disembark.
This was done using a system of lights installed in the taxiway and was controlled from a panel located in the Control Tower.via local switching centers located around the airfield
I would love to get a photograph of the Control desk and of any of the associated equipment racks circa 1960s
Any chance you can help with this matter?

I have been asked to give a talk on such systems hence my inquiry.


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